Welcome to Idznak!

Enjoy the nice view and avoid the angered Ynts.

There is one major rule for every defeated villian: Revenge! (Yeah!) And Klogg IS a defeated villian. So, after being bonked off his home, the Neverhood, and falling through space for a looooong time, he works out another evil plan.

Soon after that, on planet Idznak, a strange guy named Kloggmonkey manages to gain the trust of the Skullmonkeys. With their help he builds a giant monster called 'Evil Engine Number Nine' that is able to simply chew-and-swallow the whole Neverhood! But one of the Skullmonkeys, Jerry-O, doesn't fall for the talking of that guy and sends out a little flying gizmo to get help. It brings: Klaymen.

Now, Klaymen doesn't get transported right to Kloggmonkey's front door, and since the thing that brought him to Idznak didn't come with a what-to-do list he at first butt-bounces his way through this world without a real aim, making the best of it. Later on he'll find out about the mean plan of his bad-egg bro, though, and he'll also find a couple of helpers to save his homeworld from the jaws of evil before it's too late.

Many are the enemies in this quest:

Clay Keeper Loud Mouth Mental Monkey Robot Hover Monkey Tempest Pulsating Monkey Head Shooter Monkey Jumpy the Gorilla Barking Birds Triple Laser Butt Bounce Monkey Egg-Beater JX1137 Test Pilot El Barfo Screaming Inferno Castle Trooper Super Bomber Monk
Flappers Sno-Blo Pop-Corn Skulls Pipe Cleaners Fork Shooter Monkeys Worker Ynts Flying Ynt Centurions Swarm-o-Ynts Evil Engine Royal Guard Water Mines Shriney Guard Joe-Head-Joe Boss Glenn Yntis Monkey Mage Evil Engine #9

Not-so-many are the helpers:

Ma Bird Super Willie Phart Head Glidey Bird Slappy the Hamster Incredible Drivy Finn Incredible Drivy Runn

Summore chars only appearing in the movies:

Dark Monkey HuntMonkey Assistent of the HuntMonkey Victoid Hungry Blue Ynt Centurion Singing Monkey Various Skullmonkeys

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