The NeverhoOd: Screenshots

Here's some nifty screens from all throughout the game (spoilerific!), usually sized 320x240 pixloids. Why not bigger, you ask? It's 'cuz the original size of the videos in the game IS that small. Just re-size the pics back to bigger and it'll look like before, trust me.

In case you wondered how I made those - I used a little shareware program called "HyperSnap-DX".

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Some GIFs I made from screenshots

Treefolk! Uh, what did that pin do, anyway? Yummy! Willie doesn't look TOO happy on this one. RUN, KLAYMEN!! Cute little trees! Baaaaah. It's a... minicrab!!
Da NeverhoOd Beeeh. Bil Karate Kick Action! (Srom said that. o8-) The Bear Retrieval Unit.
Teleport to the Castle! Teleport to the Whale's Mouth! Teleport to the Cathead Mountain! Teleport to the Dark Cave! Teleport to the Pin! Teleport to the Radar!
Maybe Uh Uh, last one in BertBert's family line...? Hard to tell. Nasak the Great? Or some other being of Numeron? Prolly Numeron. Likely BertBert. Could be Numby, or some other Numeron-folk. Most definetely Ottoborg! Hoborg for sure! Hooomen. Some.. descendant of BertBert..? Some guy who's head looks a little like a ladder... Looks like Ogdilla! Arven, eventually.
Sleeping Klay (animated)

CutScenes (Movies)

Foreboding. POP goes the Weasel! WEASEL!!! Two pics of the green Weasel, good for drawing reference! Klaymen, close the door! The Weasel is gonna explode!! Frenchie giving Klaymen a happy drool. This screenshot looks a little confusing, but I think it's a neat drawing ref for F-F-Fren-chie-chie! There goes the tick. Firrrrre!! Awk! A smiling Klaymen, stepping down the steps. The End already..? Pull that pin, Klaymen! Pull, Klaymen, pull! Klogg is watching you.. Klaymen's gonna meet the ground real soon. Klaymen just realized that pulling the pin might have consequences. Imagine you'd live on such a li'l chunk of land, all alone... ewk. Klaymen in da Mush Room! Sheep at home - under the Mush Room! The Mush Room in action. Lookie, it's hammerboy..! Watch out! Plantpot from above! Klaymen, look up! Somebody needs to knock some sense into that Bil! Yay, Bil got his Teddy back! Bil spots the Weasel! The purple Weasel attacking Willie! ACK!!! Still attacking..! Another Weasel will go pop. Oy, weasel guts. (beams) Willie is SAVED! Big Robot Bil, with the big ole crowbar. Lookit the nice face of CatHead Mountain! The BEAST's released from its chamber! Ouch, poor Willie. o{8-} AAAAH! Clockwork Beast attack!!! Behold the evil Clockwork Beast!! Deploy Bear Retrieval Unit! Bear Retrieval Unit deployed! Unit A and B. Ouchie. Poor teddy! Clockwork Beast laffs about Bil, erk! Kung Fu Bil! The Battle of Big Robot Bil - and the Clockwork Beast! Klaymen shortly before his first BIG decision. I know what you're thinking and you can forget it! Klogg pulls the lever. (Heh, kinda funky, this pic) Watch it, Klogg! Cannonball aheaaad! Finally a bit of boredom in this stressful life, eh, Klaymen? A buncha Neverhoodians! Here's Klester, hip hip hoo! What a happy cannon picture! Wheeeee.. Two goofin! Bil and Willie are back! o8-D

Places in The NeverhoOd (3D view)

The Nursery! This is where it aaaaaall starts.  o8-) The Big Tree in Public Park Frontview of the Explosives Shack, including KlayBirds, of course. The Mulberry Bush, yummy!! The plain with the Mulberry Bush, and Willie's house in the background. It's the Radarhouse! The tree of the grumpy red-eyed guy. Those tentacle tree thingies near the Mush Room. Three little sheep. The NeverhoOd in its full beauty.

Places in The NeverhoOd (game view)

Daaa PipeHouse. I love that screen, somehow. It's a nice place - so many colorful things on it! Makes you feel being there and at home..! Poor Klaymen standing there, still not knowing what to THINK of this world he was born into! Willie's room!

Window Views and other CloseUps

Nursery. Aqua House 1. Aqua House 2. Aqua Attic. Hall of Records - before the Neverhood's one piece again. ... And here's the Hall (in the dark) after the 'Hood gets reunited. Purple Lab. Hall of Kings - someone hid the beakers, boo! The CatHead Mountain before... ... and after Bil used the crowbar. Something baaaad is going on in the NeverhoOd.

Credit Pictures

El logo of The NeverhoOd team. Those piccies from the credits are NEAT drawing refs, yeah!! What's that goo in Klaymen's chest..? Chip Butty! Nasty Klogg! Head of the Clockwork Beast. Feet. o8-) Mulberries are yummy! Um, it's, um.. YOU tell me. Some boiler from Idznak? Bil's *right* hand. o8-) I love the expression on Klaymen's face here.  o8-) A Skullmonkey..! I first saw THIS pic in the demo.  o8-) Willie's musicbox! Ewww... Klaymen sure has guts. Klaybirdy! Willie. o8-} Klaymen-turn-around! CRAB!! Sitting Klay. F-F-Fren-chi-chie! Bil's Teddy! Unit A.. or B?  o8-}

Screenshot Thingies sent in by Others

A Klaymen sequence sent in by Jay Seckels. Bil to the Rescue! Sent in by Jay Seckels.

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