by srOm

"I Smile", and Other srOm Poems

I smile
for a while
a goofy, toothy
It's me! --> BD


It's great t'bee klay
Hooray, hooray!
partyin' and laughin' and doin' nothin' all day.
It's great t'bee klay
Don't you say?


Sromgster, of course, is my name
But what the heck is my game?
I'll tell ya, soon as I find
my mind
When it comes to finding stuff, I'm blind
I yell in vain.
Eh well, nothin' ta lose, nothin' ta gain.


One day, I was hangin' with my bro,
He's big, he's strong, his name's Ghacto
I pushed him lightly, he hit me back
Man, was that one painful whack!
I flew through the air, and then- SMACK!
Now there's an imprint of me on the wall.
That's all.

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