by Mikey McKlay


After the fight for the Neverhood
Klaymen thought Klogg was gone for good
But Klaymen was soon to realies
Klogg was far from dead
And now he had Allies

Now Klaymen must go defeat Klogg
And Save the Hood from its
Disasterous Fate
But Willies Make'n Samich's
So he Must not be late

Klaymen journeyed to a world
Full of Funky
Where he Does not find Klogg
But Finds KloggMonkey

Kloggmonkey thinks to himself
"The Hood will soon be MINE,
I'll conquer it with

To defeat KloggMonkey'
Klaymen had to travel through Mountains
covered in Snow
But he soon found Help
From a Monkey

When he finally Reached KloggMonkey
He was ready to Fight
He was full of Rage,
Even Might

They fought like Crazy
Until Kogg Became Lazy
That was his error
Klaymen through one last Punch
And to the SkullMonkeys
Klogg would soon be Lunch

And now that Klogg is Gone for Good
Peace Once More
Rains in the NEVERHOOD!

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