by Kuinevi

The Tickberger

'Twas Quater and sir Smiley-o
did Rod and Rilonate on the plain
All hoopies knew of Hondo
And Skullmonkey's insane.

"Beware the Tickberger, my son.
The claws that swipe! The jaws that snap!
Beware the barking bird and shun
The Shriney Guard's brutal slap!"

He took his shiny sword in hand
Long time the frightsome foe he sought
So, wait did he by the spikey tree
And shook awhile in fraught.

And as in urpish thought he stood
The Tickberger, with eyes of flame
Came towering over the Neverhood
And warbled as it came.

One two! One two! Pika-Pikachu!
The shiny sword went 'THWA-PU-PAK!!'
He left it dead, and with its head
To Hoborg's, he went back.

"And hast thou slain the Tickberger?
Come to my arms, my beamish Byns.
Oh frabjous day!"
He said, forgetting his lines.

'Twas Quater and sir Smiley-o
Did Rod and Rilonate on the plain.
All Hoopies knew of Hondo
And the Skullmonkey's insane.

Kuinevi's rendition of a poem by Lewis Carol
called "The Jabberwocky."

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