by Hairy Jo

The NeverhoOd

A wonderful world
just out of sight
a world of beauty
and strange might
the world i been,
the world you should,
visit sometime
is the neverhood!
Oddities of clay,
living and sound.
Only there,
are they to be found.
Willie, The Weasel,
and The Clockwork Beast.
All are there
for you to meet.
Hoborg, Klaymen,
The sheep, and Bil.
all of them act
upon their will.
Klogg is there,
But klaymen will deal,
with him indeffinitely.
Beauty and splendor
in such different forms
some have antlers,
some have horns.
The NeverhoOd is there,
for all who took,
the time to know,
just where to look.

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