by Hairy Jo

The NeverhoOd Poem

He shines with a radiance frome above,
Given creation by quarter's love.
From quarter he came to make and to think,
to fill the universe with life to the brink.
Full of love and trust, betrayal is often.
Cept his good pal klaymen.
An infant soul pure and bright
is what defines klaymen's might.
A friend to willie and big robot bil
He has no concept of the word called, "kill"
Now willie trombone well he's a fine fellow
with a hoop on his head and skin colored yellow
innocent and good, he does not lie
and has a problem with saying goodbye.
Bil is big and full of might and strength
But his heart of gold did ottoborg make
loving and innocent, he was freed by klaymen
to be with willie and travel to Omen
But now it's time to say goodbye
To that wonderful world up in the sky
the things of the neverhood will forever be.
a part of the world that resides within me.

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