by DoodLeS

A Weasel Chase

A Weasel in the Neverhood
is seldom up to something good.
Just listen to the Weasel tune
and Weasels turn up really soon
and they are never in good mood.

Now if the Weasel's on the chase
run for your life, you need to race.
Avoid the fangs, avoid the claw
if you still want to see tomorrow,
and certainly this is the case.

You try to flee, you try to hide,
you hope that Quater's on your side.
But Weasels are hard to get rid of,
so save your butt before it's bit off,
yes, Weasels like to take a bite.

Don't try to hide behind a tree,
the Weasels clip them off, you see.
Don't try to run in circles, too,
that really isn't good for you,
instead head for the Shack, feel free.

Once in there you can breath released,
look at the boom sticks and be pleased,
because now comes the fun part, so
build up your stick man, feed your foe,
one boom, some smoke, the way to go!

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