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Ever since the company called The NeverhoOd broke up I couldn't really follow the NewsBits that are now spread among all them folks. But you might want to check those Links for News and Info:

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Note: Lots of the Links on this page here are outdated. I still keep them as they are 'cuz it's like a piece of web-history, and such. Also, please don't visit or anymore, since they were bought up by some creeps and replaced with useless pages that just seem to be there to collect hits.

D24Mo32o03 - Hm, yupyup, as I'm not really up-to-date about all things Neverhood anymore, I'll just write up a little conclusion. People who pre-ordered Terry Taylor's Hodgepodge got it, you can read my QuickInfo if you want to know what's on it. The first print of Doug TenNapel's graphic novel Creature Tech is sold out, so you may wanna go for the second print. Doug also does a lot of new things for TV, and some other comics, check his page for that. I have no idea what the other folks are doing.. but I'm sure if you browse through my collected links and have a small research on you'll be able to find out just as much as I would. Good luck!
Do6Mo92o02 - Er, whoops, d'oh, should try to stay up to date with the news. Anyway. No more chance to get Random Acts and Hodgepodge, but Doug's graphic novel Creature Tech is out now (at least in theory, none of us people on the NeverBoard got it yet)! Order it directly at TopShelf, or Also, Regency Pictures bought the rights to make Creature Tech a movie, under Doug's control! Ain't it cool? o8-) In more Doug News, here's a review for Push, Nevada at ABCnews. Still no idea where the other Neverhood/Monkeytropolis guys went, but they split up and found new jobs, Ellis Goodson is now working on Fighting games... (thanks to KlayThan, who emailed Ellis about it.)
D31Mo72o02 - Imaginarium 2 got split into two projects: One will be a Mothman Soundtrack, to be out later, and the other one is now named "Terry S. Taylor - Random Acts and HodgePodge", to pre-order NOW. And I mean NOW, because you have until D3oMo8Y2o02 to do so - after that no more CDs will be produced EVER. So hop on over to the webstore of the DanielAmos site! It will contain several rare and random songs by Terry Taylor, including (quotes Audiori) "Project Geeker theme, Goodie Bear theme, and at least a song or two from Koghead and Meatus. It's also possible that a couple Skullmonkeys or Boombots leftovers will show up. We're still looking for other tracks that might be included."
D26Mo72o02 - Doug TenNapel's website is updated and brimming with info and stuff to look at, now! Like, the ABC series he's working on with Ben Affleck, being named "Push, Nevada".
Do2Mo72o02 - So, now it's official...Monkeytropolis is gone, and they never had the chance to show the world their computer gaming goodness. o8-( We'll miss you guys as a team, and hope we'll still keep hearing from you, and in much better news.
D25Mo52o02 - Doug is doing a "gear"-thingy for Nickelodeon!
Do7Mo52o02 - Whoo-hoohoo! Big News from Audiori!: "Within the next few weeks, we hope to finish work on Terry S Taylor's Imaginarium 2. The collection will include a bunch of never before released music that Terry composed for various TenNapel creations - including The Mothman Movie, Project GeeKeR, Koghead and Meatus, Goodie Bear and others. Doug will be handling all of the artwork once again, as well as probably writing some liner notes. The project will hopefully hit the website around the 4th of July. Before that, it will go on sale at Terry's merchandise booth at the Cornerstone Music Festival in July - for those of you in the Illinois area. (We won't be taking preorders this time)."
Do5Mo52o02 - Alrighty, more various news: Doug TenNapel is working on a graphic novel called Creature Tech, which will be released in September 2002 by Top Shelf (or 1st August, according to, and another one called Solomon Fix slated for 2003. You can see sample pages for both on his page! He's also working on a TV mini-series (live action, ABC) with Ben Affleck and a "magic book with David Blaine".
Do3Mo4Y2o02 - Quick Overview of some of the things that happened meanwhile: Still no news about Doug's Mothman Movie (which has NOTHING to do with the "Mothman Prophecies"!) being finished, or if "Koghead and Meatus" will be available on video. Keep your eyes open about other things Doug TenNapel may do, he always seems to work on new scripts for cartoon series or movies, new comics and other projects! What Monkeytropolis is working on is still a mystery, after the Shawn Palmer thingy seemingly was given to another company to finish. It'll most likely be for PS2, though. Terry Taylor MAY make more CDs with Neverhood related music.

Do5Mo3Y2o01 - Prisoner found a way to play Neverhood on Win2o00! Go to the Microsoft site and download the Application Compatibility Toolkit for Win2k. It can "emulate" the older Windows versions and thus run the game!
D18Mo1Y2o01 - The NeverhoOd page is completely updated!
D31M12Y2o00 - Doug TenNapel was working on the script of a movie called "The Monkey Prince" since 1999??
D16M12Y2o00 - Sokkia found a page in the Gateway Christmas 2000 catalog, still mentioning "The Neverhood" as part of one of their gamepacks.
D14M12Y2o00 - It's set now, Monkeytropolis' first game will be Activision's "Shawn Palmer Pro Boarder 2" for PS2.
Do5M12Y2o00 - Up to Christmas, offers "Imaginarium" at half price if you also buy another CD with it!
D2oM11Y2o00 - Gateway is no longer offering "The NeverhoOd" as part of their MS Family Games bundle. (That makes very much the last place to still get the game.)
Do1M11Y2o00 - "Imaginarium" is out now, to order at or!
D18M1oY2o00 - News by Audiori: Imaginarium has been completed and sent off to the manufacturer.
D13M1oY2o00 - TenNapel News: They're still working on the Truck album. Kog-Head and Meatus status: Post production, and it was entered in Sundance/Slamdance. The Mothman Movie(now 4 years in the making): They hope to shoot more footage next February. Doug is working on a new animated short for, a sci-fi Western with lots of Neverhoodian puzzle elements. He also sold a children's animated sci-fi show to the Fox Network - it is in development for Fall 2001. He was also writing a sequel to the Wizard of Oz as a live action mini-series for ABC, but the project got canned.
D1oM1oY2o00 - Doug TenNapel's band TRUCK is working on releasing their first album (I don't know since when). To get the latest news on that, join their MailList there.
D1oMo9Y2o00 - Imaginarium: The cover is finished, the tracklist put together and Terry Taylor is spellchecking the lyrics.
D26Mo8Y2o00 - Audiori announces that the cover and track list planning for "Imaginarium" are almost done.
D22Mo8Y2o00 - The Koghead and Meatushomepage is up!
D18Mo8Y2o00 - "Imaginarium" can be pre-ordered at now!
Do7Mo8Y2o00 - Doug TenNapel is working on his puppet-animation short "Kog-Head and Meatus", together with Mike Dietz, Ed Schofield and Terry Taylor!
D23Mo7Y2o00 - "Imaginarium", the Nev/Skullmonkeys soundtrack, will be released November 2000! It's 2 CDs with an 8 panel insert, artwork by Doug TenNapel and layout by Brian Heydn (of "Alarma! Chronicles" fame).
D13Mo7Y2o00 - Audiori announces that a Neverhood/Skullmonkeys/BoomBots soundtrack is in production! Also, Doug TenNapel's band 'Truck' did the Terry Taylor song 'Incredible Shrinking Man', which is on the Daniel Amos tribute album which you can order on the DanielAmos site.
D19Mo4Y2o00 - Southpeak (grrm..) quit Monkeytropolis' plans on a Neverhood sequel.. o8-(
D12Mo4Y2o00 - Since Terry Taylor teamed up with Warm & Filled Management recently, a re-issue of the Neverhood soundtrack might really happen. Maybe even the Skullmonkeys soundtrack can finally be done, and a soundtrack for Doug TenNapel's movie Mothman. Join the DanielAmos maillist to stay up-to-date on this.
Do3Mo4Y2o00 - Audiori ( may re-issue the Neverhood Soundtrack soon.
D23Mo3Y2o00 - is up!
Do3Mo3Y2o00 - is BACK! Unupdated, but back!
D23Mo1Y2o00 - The Monkeytropolis plans about a Neverhood-like game have been delayed, maybe by up to 6 months.
D13Mo1Y2o00 - The official Neverhood page has left us..
D16M12Y1999 - Some of the X-Neverhood team formed a new company called "Monkeytropolis". Doug TenNapel does his own things as a freelancer now.
D15M12Y1999 - Mike Dietz directs an episodeof the claymation cartoon "PJ's".
Do2M12Y1999 - "BoomBots" got released.
D26M1oY1999 - "BoomBots" is officially The Neverhood's very last game...
D22Mo9Y1999 - Doug's page is up.
D16Mo9Y1999 - Doug, Ed and Mike D. made a commercial for "BoomBots".
D16Mo9Y1999 - Neverhood's a BIG boom in Japan, there're all kinds of merchandising there, like Klaymen action figures, keychains, and even an own game by Riverhill Soft, a Neverhood Air Hockey game called "Klaymen Gun Hockey".
D1oMo5Y1999 - The NeverhoOd Soundtrack is still available at times over Audiori.
Do9Mo5Y1999 - The BoomBots Homepageis up.
Sometime 1998 - Doug TenNapel's comic "gear" (book 1 to 6, and there's also a graphic novel version) was released by FireMan Pres/a>, who also sell the comic series "Scud, the disposable Assassin".
Do3Mo2Y1998 - "SkullMonkeys" has been released.
D12Mo1Y1998 - Doug TenNapel finished his first feature film "Mothman". (?)
D12Mo1Y1998 - "The Neverhood" was released for the Japanese Playstation.
D18M11Y1997 - "SkullMonkeys" reached the Alpha status.