The NeverhoOd: Hall of Records

Preamble, Father and Quater


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I am Quater. Read my words, and be my friend.

Father commands me to record the truth of history, so that readers will learn from those who went before.

Therefore, I give each of my seven sons one of these self-engraving, history-recording klay walls.

This wall automatically records the activity in this world, and in any other world containing one of the other walls.

Behold. Anyone who tampers with the records on these walls will be considered the enemy of Father. I will not like you much, either.

This wall is given by Father. It will teach you to acquire wisdom, integrity and skills for solving problems.

In each of our lives, we must make decisions. When these times come, be ready to make the right choices.

Continue in what you know is true, though truth is often hard to see. These walls may hold the only truths you will know.



Father is a kind being whom no one has ever seen. Father is beyond our comprehension. All folks know is that he was here before there ever was a here. He is happy and enjoys existing. He is said to be great and powerful; and as far as anyone knows, there was no one before him. He is from the other side. No one has ever been to the other side but it is supposed to be a great place where there is peace without death.


Quater is the only being Father has ever made. He has been a good friend of Father's for many eons. Quater is the official go-between for all beings and Father. Since he himself is a being made by Father, not much can be learned about Father by looking at Quater. But, if anything is known to any one about Father, Quater revealed it. Quater forged seven crowns for seven beings he created for Father to pour his approval on. Quater left the comfort of Father's presence to pioneer a new world where his beings could make their own place in order to empathize with Quater.

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