The NeverhoOd: Hall of Records

The Hall of Records


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The Hall of Records

Yep, the Hall of Records, that's that long echo-y hall full of text that drove a couple of people near-to-nuts because you have to walk through the whole thing to get one of the disks.

So, what IS that text on the wall there? It's the whole history of Quater's universe. Are there important hints for the game in there? Nope. Is it interesting to read? Oh YES. If you grew to love The NeverhoOd you might want to know more about Hoborg, Willie and Bil, or even other, completely unknown parts of that universe. You may want to read about Skullmonkeys and Victoids, who knows. You may notice twisted parallels to stories from the bible. That's no coincidence.

WELL. Where you can read the Hall:
Of course, in the game itself. Then, the full text is also in the official NeverhoOd Hintbook, which is long out of print and kind of hard to get by now, though. And if you'd rather print the thing out than read it on my page here, here's the plain TXT-version, just right-click and save it.

The whole thing was written by:
Doug TenNapel, Mark Lorenzen and Dale Lawrence.

But how about you just start reading now?

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