The Neverhood - Cheats

Yep, there ARE Neverhood cheats (or maybe they were debugging help while the game was being made). Maybe there're more, but here's what's been floating around Neverhood fandom for a while... *coughfunspoilerscough*

[ENTER] fastforward [ENTER]

Type this one anywhere in the game and everything (except for the cutscenes) will run doublespeed. I bet a lot of people who went through the Hall of Records WAY too often already are groaning now.

Also, when you now press the "Alt" key (no matter when) the screen will freeze - very useful if you want to make a screenshot or look at one screen a little longer.

[ENTER] happybirthdayklaymen [ENTER]

You can only use this one at the beginning of the game, in the first room of the Nursery. Type it up and Klaymen gets teleported to the.. second room. Nope, not much of a useful cheat.


This one appears on some cheatpages, but, y'know, it's not real.
"In the Nursery, second room, jump off the ledge into the mouth of the Flytrap. In there, you have to start typing." And then? Some say it'll bring you right to the last "level" of the game, others think Klogg gets eaten by a Weasel.

And talking of "Klogg being eaten by a Weasel", there's also this rumor variation: "Jump down the drain three times, then finish the game to see Klogg being eaten by a Weasel" - you won't see it happen.

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