What the Hey?

What IS The NeverhoOd anyways, you ask?
Here's a little bit about the game and its groovy inhabitants.

The NeverhoOd Cast

The NeverhoOd, a simple little world made of klay. And not just ANY klay, noooo. The Klay of the Finest Quality. Whoever has created this place, he put all his love into it.

But now, Klaymen wakes up in the Nursery, and he's alone. He doesn't know who or where he is, or what he's doing here. So all he can do is stepping out of the room of his birth into a scarily quiet world to see what'll happen.

Gladly, soon enough he finds out that he isn't ALL alone. A mysterious loopy fellow who introduces himself as Willie Trombone keeps sending mail and hints to tell Klaymen where to go.. but not why.

While exploring the place and solving puzzles you keep finding small Klay Disks.. they seem to contain the secret of what happened to this world.

Hoborg.. creator of the NeverhoOd.. Klogg, the betrayer.. giant robots and evil monsters.. the more Klaymen finds out, the more he'll realize something REALLY went wrong. And in the end he'll have to decide.

Venus Flytraps  KlayBirds  The Green Weasel  Teleguy  Guy in the Tree  KlayMice  KlaySheep  Hammerboy  Frenchie the Tick  Big Robot Bil  The Purple Weasel  Clockwork Beast  Bear Retrieval Unit  Other Neverhoodians 
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