Maps of the 'Hood

The Lakewall Way!

Here's the happy way around the lakewall, kinda in the right proportions. Use green vehicle. See the two ends of the main bridge? Since the lakewall goes around the corner there I had to break the poor thing apart. Anywhoo, the only two things you REALLY need to solve the game are the LakeWall Radio (to find out which melody you have to put in at the RadarHouse radio) and the Beaker Combination (to unshrink Klaymen in the Hall of Statues).

The NeverhoOd - place of Coolest Klay!

Uncolored Version - Plain colored Version - Fully colored Version

I basically copied this one from the wall of the Whale's Mouth. It's the Neverhood in all its beauty! Just look at all the fun places to explore! And there're still lots of exciting tiny bulks and holes everywhere that no 'Hoodian has found yet, I'm sure! Oh, names in brackets aren't the official names, the rest are.

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