The Neverhood - Location of the 20 Disks

Dunno where to find the one or other disk Willie recorded? Well, here're the locations of all twenty.
Note: You'll always find the disks in the same order, no matter where you look first. Means, no-one can tell you where, for example, disk 12 is, because you'll always find it LAST. Just check through the list if you've been everywhere.

    Hall of Records, Entrance
    Hall of Records, Disk player room
    Hall of Records, Room behind the spikes
    Hall of Records, Last screen of the Hall
    Explosive Shack
    Aqua House, Entrance
    Aqua House, in front of the player
    Aqua House, Attic
    Radio Tower, Entrance
    Hall of Kings
    Room above the Hall of Kings
    Whale's Mouth (2 disks)
    Gourd, Red room on the right with the memory puzzle
    Gourd, Chip Butty building (2 disks)
    Red room behind the Symbol puzzle near Whale's Mouth
    Hammerboy Cave
    Castle, Room with the 3 keys
    Castle, Teleporter room upstairs

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