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If you love The NeverhoOd I'm sure you'll love all the other things them people did, too. o8-D I bet some of those will even sound familiar to you already.

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Doug TenNapel's personal page, with tons of info and samples from his many projects, like Earthworm Jim, The Neverhood, Project GeeKeR, Gear, Creature Tech, The Mothman Movie, and so on..!

Scud, the disposable Assassin
A comic by Rob Schrab, but the chars and some of the comics were created by Doug TenNapel, definitely! You can also order Doug's supernifty comic 'gear' on that page.

Rob Schrab's movie "Robot Bastard"
Talking of Scud, Rob Schrab made a little 17-minute-movie, and DougTenNapelSir's in the credits, too. (He did the stop-motion animations and played a small role in there)

Daniel Amos (Terry Taylor)
More cover artwork by Doug! For the albums Bibleland, Our Personal Favorite World Famous Hits, When Worlds Collide (which also has one of the songs of Doug's band Truck on it) and, of course, Imaginarium!

Mike Dietz Studios
Mike Dietz is one of the animators of the NevTeam, and his page is full of pics and dementure! Just look at his demo-reel Quicktime movies!

Fan sites

Rocket Worm - Lemm's Earthworm Jim site
The Neverhood folks are also pretty much the people behind the famous Earthworm Jim games! Since many of the official EWJ-pages are gone I'll link to Lemm's fanpage, you'll also get TONS of incredible fanart there, and many of the other important Jim-links.

Project GeeKeR
That cartoon also bases on Doug's ideas! AND Terry Taylor wrote the music. I linked to Tails' GeeKeR page because it has ALL the stuff on the sweet drooling geek you'd possibly want to know.