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Two Crowns, Two Sides

How did the online mags rate the three NeverhoOd games? What did the creators have to say in interviews? Why do I talk in questions?

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The NeverhoOd: (Review)
Nifty Review with some Quicktime movies for download.

Game Revolution (Review)
Some screenshots and a happy B+ rating!

CNNmoney - Dreamworks Likes Clay (Review)
And CNNmoney likes Dreamworks. Yay! Text and a Quicktime movie.

E3 Report: About The Neverhood (Review)
Textfull report about The Neverhood. Rating: 90%


Animation World Magazine (Review, Interview, Info)
Issue of December 1997. Very cool article about SkullMonkeys and The NeverhoOd, including a bit of a Making Of and an interview with Doug TenNapel.

Game Revolution (Review)
Text and three or four screenshots, Rating A-, gooood. o8-)


PS Illustrated (Review)
BoomBots Review with a final rating of 91% (Hooray!) (Review)
Lots of praise, great pics and some Quicktime movies to download!