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Online Helpers:

Application Compatibility Toolkit
If "The Neverhood" doesn't run on your Windows2o02 or XP computer, you can download and install this tool (it will make your computer Windows'95 compatible).

The Hints from
Step-by-Step help from the original NeverhoOd page itself - now found on KlayMatt's FanPage. Pretty much gives the answer away at once.

The GameSpot HintGuide
Very keen Step-by-Step help that at first just gives you hints, not the whole answer. That page also contains some NevReviews and info.

GameBoomers NeverhoOd WalkThrough
Another simple WalkThrough in the Question-and-Answer style. GameTips
If you ever wondered how you can keep the NeverhoOd Savegames (in case you have to uninstall the game or such), here's how you do it.