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Have a look around the wacky and ever changing NeverhoOd Community. Lots of creative klay-people and fellow fans out there! It's a bit hard to keep up-to-date with all the links, though.

Many dead links have been removed.
Please check the Neverhood Community for more Neverhood fan stuff.

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Neverhood Community
Another important watering hole for Neverhood fans.

The Official Thingumajigs: (hosted on
This link actually leads to KlayMatt's FanPage, which now hosts how the original used to look like - do NOT visit the real, it was bought up by some moneygrabbing strangers who are trying to gather hits. (Audiori)
The people who know all about Uncle Terry's music! Buy the CDs there, check the MessageBoard, read the info. They also released "Imaginarium", the Neverhood-Skullmonkeys-BoomBots soundtrack!

More related neat-o Stuff:

Animation Toolworks
You'll find a couple of nice demo-movies of Skullmonkeys (and other things done with the Animation Toolbox) on this page.

Animate Clay (Mark Spess)
A professional page all around clay animation and how to do it! Wow!

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