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Back to the Roots

The NeverhoOd Creators:

Pencil Test Studios
Ed Schofield and Mike Dietz's Animation and video game development studio

Doug TenNapel
Mike Dietz
Daniel Amos (Terry Taylor)


The NeverhoOd, Inc. (KlayMatt)

Fan sites

Rocket Worm - Lemm's Earthworm Jim site
The Neverhood folks are also pretty much the people behind the famous Earthworm Jim games! Since many of the official EWJ-pages are gone I'll link to Lemm's fanpage, you'll also get TONS of incredible fanart there, and many of the other important Jim-links.

Project GeeKeR
That cartoon also bases on Doug's ideas! AND Terry Taylor wrote the music. I linked to Tails' GeeKeR page because it has ALL the stuff on the sweet drooling geek you'd possibly want to know.

More related neat-o Stuff:

Animation Toolworks
You'll find a couple of nice demo-movies of Skullmonkeys (and other things done with the Animation Toolbox) on this page.

Animate Clay (Mark Spess)
A professional page all around clay animation and how to do it! Wow!