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Skullmonkeys (The Theme) (No Lyrics)

Incident At Skullmonkey Gate (Non Vocal)

She Reminded Me With Science (Non Vocal)

Monkey Shrines (Non Vocal)

Hard Boiler Eggs (Non Vocal)

Sno, Yell "Oh!" (Yodel on the last verse)

Monkey Brand Hot Dogs (No Lyrics)

Elevated Structure of Terror! (mumble)
Elevated Structure of Death!
(repeat with improvised grunts and screams)

Death Garden Jive (Your guess is as good as mine)

Pineapple Mine Fields (No Lyrics)

Life Among The Weeds (No Lyrics)

The Secret Egg (Non Vocal)

Monk Rushmore
(Presidential Funky Monkey)
Presidential Monkey See
Residential Reverential Reservation
Presidential Monkey Do
Monumental Residential Referee
Presidential Monkey See
Residential Reverential Reservation
Presidential Monkey Do
Monumental Residential Referium
La la la laaa, La la laaaa
La la la laaaa, La lala lala
Do the Funky monkey
(Do the Funky chicken)

Sour Head Hauksa Loukee
Honna hay, Alee kee
Kocka Lou, Aw Loukee
Gonna Hay, Oh Loway
Mocka Hocka Loukee Louee
Eenie Meanie Ho De Hi Di He De Hay
Howa Eees, Awee Kee
Oola Poo, Eee Peenkee
Ahno Lie, Hee Stinkee
Mocka Hocka Loukee Louee
Eenie Meanie Ho De Hi Di He De Hay
Eee Cho Poyo, Eee Cho Poyo
Oh Boyo, Thats Annoyo
Mocky Poo, Ocky Poo
Lukee Dukee Oola Ooo
Dipitee Dipitee Doo
Mona Ay, Eo Lay
Ockaway, Hoky Lay
Hey now, Honda Lou
Waukakea Moo
Honna Hon to the Moonoo

Beep Bob Bo Shards (Improvise)

Castle De Los Muertos
(The Plate Ees Hot!)
Chimychanga and taquito
Enchilada, it's a burrito.
Chimychanga and dos taquitos
Chile Relleno. Just give me rice and Bean-o!
(Mmmmm, that's good. Real tasty.)
Carne Azada, a big tostata
Hot Pepper Salsa,
(Hey waitress)
I need some agua!
(Everybody sing!)
Chimychangas, Taquitos, Enchiladas
I dream of Beans and Tostadas

The Incredible Divy Run
Hip, hip.. Hip hip hurray!
Run, Run, the Divy Run
Hip, hip hurray!

The Worm Graveyard (No Lyrics)

The Evil Of Engine Number Nine (Non Vocal)

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! (No Lyrics)

Sub Standard Pirate (Non Vocal)

Psychedelic Boogie Child
(Outa site!)
(Shake your groove thang!)
(Get Funky.)
She's a Psychedelic Boogie Child
(Far out baby.)
(Right On.)
(Let's have a love in)
(Freak Out)
(Boom Shockalia)
(Whats happenin' Babe)
(What it is.)
(Dig It)
(I Feel love Vibrations)
(Whats your sign?)
(Oooohhh yeah.)
(Hot Chocolate!)
(We Are Family Baby)
(Boogy oogy Baby)
(Get Down, Shake Your Groove Thang)
(Get Funky, Can ya Dig It?)
Yeah Baby, You dig

The Lil' Bonus Room
Here's a little bonus room, because I know you've had it tough
Here's a little bonus tune, about collecting real cool stuff.
Yes, here's a little bonus room, where you can play.
Don't be frightened, don't run away.
You can linger, 'cuz I'm your video friend.
Think of me as a father figure, with a hand to lend.
Here's a little bonus room, where you don't have to worry.
Take your sweet time, you need not hurry.
Oh, you're looking incredible, you're the bomb!
and me, I'm kind of like your dad, and a little like your mom.
There are no Monsters here, hey wait, look over there.
I was just kidding, don't be scared.
and when you turn this game off, in the real world once again,
You won't have to play make-believe, or try to pretend.
'cuz I'll be right there when you open your hand,
'cuz I'm your little invisible musical friend.
So, show me to your pets, or show me to your pals.
You really will impress every nifty guy and gal.
Show them you are individual, show them you are BOLD!
Besides, I get residuals for every game that's sold.
I'm your little invisible musical friend for life.
I'll never leave you.

Musical Fruit
Beans, beans muscial fruit
The more you eat the more you toot.
The more you toot, the better you feel.
Let's have beans with every meal.
So play your horn and make it toot,
an S.B.D. or a Mega Poot
Do a cheer, let's give a hoot
Ya gotta love them beans as a musical fruit
(Repeat Chorus)

Musical Fruit (Edit - see above)

Boombots Bonus Song (Non Vocal)

Klogg Is Dead!
Klogg is dead, and we want to celebrate it
He's pushin' up daisies former and belated,
That guy asked why we're elated
well, Klogg is dead!
Follow the bouncing skull!
Yeesss, Klogg's kaput!
No longer operatin'
Retired! Expired!
Quite an emancipation
Released, Deceased!
Gone bust, he's dust!
Let's lift up our shorts
And do a pelvic thrust!
Klogg is dead!
He was dirty and obscene, and not a little mean!
So we'll sing in one accord
Now that he's gone to his reward!
Klogg is dead, he's history!
Why we shake our booty's no mystery!
He's gone at last, his time has past!
Now we can go back to passing gas!
Yeah, Klogg is DEAD!

Funkybots (The Boombot Theme) (Non Vocal)

Boombombs Away! (Non Vocal)

Sister Soulboom (Non Vocal)

The Last Thing We Never Said (Non Vocal)

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