Random Acts & Hodgepodge
Terry S. Taylor

"A very special release from Terry Scott Taylor"

This CD was only produced for people who preordered it in August 2o02 - numbered and signed by Terry Taylor himself! I wouldn't know how many were produced in the end, but as you can see on the cover scan, I own No.302.

Danielamos.com does special releases like this from time to time, so if you are a fan of Terry Taylor, Daniel Amos, The Lost Dogs or Swirling Eddies (Uncle Terry's part of all those bands), you should sign up for their newsletter. It's possible that more TenNapel/NeverhoOd related CDs are gonna be released, too (at least the Mothman Soundtrack is still in the planning - Mothman, a movie directed by Doug TenNapel).

Anyway, the eleven tracks you can find on the Hodgepodge CD are a wild mix of different Terry Taylor demos, and other songs that never made it on any other CDs. The ones that are Neverhood/Skullmonkeys-related are "Klaymen's Theme", "Don't, Do, Maybe", "Celestial Pineapples" and "Unna Walka Walka, Hey!" Heh. Those aren't finished, full-band versions, but the original guitar-and-voice versions recorded with a simple tape recorder. They never MADE it into full-band versions. I quite like "Don't, Do, Maybe" and "Celestial Pineapples".

Then there's the theme songs of other TenNapel creations, "Goodie Bear" (a cartoon about a tiny bear and his even tinier bug friend, only released in Japan), "Project GeeKeR" (a fun cartoon about an artificial being that was supposed to be a weapon) and "Koghead and Meatus" (a claymation short about two weirdos trying to save their hometown from a giant robot, which never was finished).

I also love those songs a whole lot. The only thing that could have been better is that the GeeKeR Theme also contains the intro-talking of the cartoon, not just the music. But Geeker has a cool voice, so I won't complain. o8-D

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