Random Acts & Hodgepodge
Terry S. Taylor

1. Satellite Moon (The Starter Set Demos)
2. Prayer Warrior (The Starter Set Demos)
3. Welcome To The Real World (BMG Demo 2001)
4. Klaymen's Theme (Neverhood Demo)
5. Don't, Do, Maybe (Neverhood Demo)
6. Celestial Pineapples (Skullmonkeys Demo)
7. Unna Walka Walka, Hey! (Skullmonkeys Demo)
8. Goodie Bear
9. Project Geeker Theme
10. Hamster Theme from "Koghead and Meatus"
11. Lift Up Your Hearts (Sorsum Corda)
(2002 Demo, with Steve Hindalong)

Tracks 1-2: The Starter Set, featuring Terry Scott Taylor and Jason Martin (of Starflyer 59 fame) was a brilliant, but short lived and ill fated experiment designed to attract industry attention. Haven't we used that line before? Well, once again it's true. And, truth is always stranger than fiction. Here are the unreleased demos you won't hear anywhere else.

Tracks 4-7: "When Terry writes songs for my projects, he sits in his living room with a guitar and a standard tape recorder and bangs out these "sketches". It was a cheap way to work so Terry didn't have to hire musicians and book studio time just to have us reject a piece for our games. After stumbling across these tapes I enjoy listening to them as a stand alone work. The fun and brilliance is right there in the blastocyst stage. There's an intimacy there where you can hear his breath and picture his rippling pectorals in motion. It's like I own him. I own him. If I own him then he should get going on the dishes because they're really starting to pile up. - Doug TenNapel"

Track 10 performed by Mike G. and the G-Spots
Cover artwork by Doug TenNapel, www.TenNapel.com
All songs and recordings = � 2002 Zoom Daddy Music, www.DanielAmos.com

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