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Do7M11Y1996 - The NeverhoOd
(out of print - Online Places that might still have the Game)

The NeverhoOd
  • Made by The NeverhoOd and Dreamworks, published by Microsoft.
  • Klayen puzzle-game for PC (Pentium 200 or so), Windows'95/98.
  • Soundtrack 'NeverhoOd Songs' by Terry Taylor (1996, out of print)
  • Nev/Skullmonkeys/BoomBots soundtrack "Imaginarium" (Nov 2o00)
  • "Born into a Neverhood that may never exist, Klaymen explores a land of terrifying creatures, extraordinary machines and mysterious artifacts. Long ago the king of this world was betrayed by his trusted assistant. You must save the Neverhood by navigating Klaymen through a twisted plot of ancient secrets, witty inventions and monstrous puzzles to defeat your nasty foe."

    Terry S. Taylor - NeverhoOd Songs, 1996

    The game starts with Klaymen waking up in the Nursery of his klayen home, the Neverhood. Now he has to find out who he is and what he has to do - it's quite obvious that something is wrong in this world. Pointing and clicking Klaymen through a lonely but fascinating place you have to solve lots of puzzles, and after a while you'll find out about your friend and helper Willie Trombone and his giant robot pal Bil, the noble king Hoborg, the evil Klogg and many other more or less nice guys.

    Terry S. Taylor - Imaginarium, 2o00

    This whole game tells a GREAT story, and if you want you can even read the whole background of that universe in the 40 screens long Hall of Records (or you can find it on my site... somewhere). I'd say it's not just the game that really hooks you to the 'puter, it's the whole story, the neato characters and the grooovay KlayMusic.... to be exact, it's just the whole unique thing that makes you feel right at home in the Neverhood. And it's funnaaaaaay!

    The game was made by Douglas TenNapel and his gang, right after they left Shiny (Earthworm Jim!!). They were eight main guys at that point, and they did all the klaysets, animations, voices, EVERYTHING themselves, and the music was done by Terry Taylor.

    Do3Mo2Y1998 - SkullMonkeyS
    (out of print - Online Places that might still have the Game)

    SkullMonkeys (original, REAL groovy '3D' cover)
  • From The Neverhood and Dreamworks, published by Electronic Arts.
  • Klayen 2D Jump&Run game with over 100 levels for the PlayStation.
  • Nev/Skullmonkeys/BoomBots soundtrack "Imaginarium" (Nov 2o00)
  • "Armed with a killer butt and a boatload of bizarre weapons, you're Klaymen, the last clay action hero. Run. Jump. Butt-bounce. Repeat until you save your beloved homeworld from the evil villian Klogg and his Skullmonkey minions."

    Klaymen is baaaack! Sure enough, after the happy end in The Neverhood, Klogg wants his revenge (true villians NEVER give up)! He lands on the planet Idznak, home of the SkullMonkeys, and manages to become their leader. Now he wants to destroy the Neverhood with the help of his Evil Engine #9, and only Klaymen can stop him. This time Klay has to be a bit faster, after all he's a bit older now, right? So he jumps, runs, shoots and, er, farts his way through all those nasty Monkeys and Ynts, until he hopefully can save his homeworld.

    This game is juuuust like Earthworm Jim (means: A guh-reato 2D jump&run game with quite a few spots where your timing needs to be *perfect* to survive, and you feel proud you hit a platform JUST in the microsecond it re-appears from some spikes), only it's fully klay and even MORE whimsical. And it has LOTS of levels and secrets! The storyline isn't as deep as that of The Neverhood, but getting to know Idznak and more beings in the Neverhood universe is purty! And you HAVE to see those klaymation movies in there! I bet you've never seen something like that on your TV screen. And the music is zany as always! Nope, sir, you CAN'T do a jump&run any better!

    This time they were ten guys, pretty much the same team that made Earthworm Jim, and the music was done again by Terryyyyy Taylor.

    Do2M12Y1999 - BoomBots
    (out of print - Online Places that might still have the Game)

    BoomBots (I got the pic from
  • By The Neverhood and Dreamworks, published by Southpeak Int.
  • Bizarre 3D-Fighter-Shooter between robots for the PlayStation.
  • Nev/Skullmonkeys/BoomBots soundtrack "Imaginarium" (Nov 2o00)
  • "Cat aliens have taken over the Earth. Boombots are there to stop them. Command 15 far-out arenas of real time 3-D fighting action!"

    At first those nasty alien Felines kidnapped all the Earth cats, and then they even took over the planet with the help of their giant robots! Dr. Pick, American scientist, invented his own BoomBots and sent them out into space to save the world.

    The game is explained quite easily - you have a BoomBot, and the enemy has one. In small arenas with platforms and a few hidden areas you have to fight to the death, or at least a smoking KO. "Fighting" in this case means: Shooting rockets, bullets, and if nothing else helps, grab your foe and fling them against a wall. All the time you should collect the little yellow power-up balls that'll make your weapons more powerful, maybe even will get you to the all-destroying Mongo Mode.

    Now, there's two game modes: 1 and 2 Player. In the 2 Player game you and a friend (at least, friend up to THAT point, heh) both choose a Bot and a nice arena and fight the night away.

    In the 1 Player game you choose one out of the (at first) 10 BoomBots and try to survive the arenas on the way to the alien Cat planet. If you manage to stay undefeated (winning all the levels on the first try) you'll get to see secret arenas and fighters (Klaymen!), who'll be added to your list of choosable BoomBots then. Dr. Pick will give you short mission briefings inbetween the levels ('Win.') and also there're fun-oh claymated movies about Boomer and the alien Felines, which don't tell much of a forthcoming story, but will make you smile.

    So... if you like games that are good ole simple fun, with unique characters (even if you barely get them to know, sadly), smooth and colorful 3D-animation and claymation, and a funky little soundtrack by Terry Taylor (even if it doesn't stick out as much as the music in The Neverhood or Skullmonkeys, you should listen to all the songs at least once!)... well, yeah! That's BoomBots. o8-)

    Again, allll done by the NeverhoOd team and music by Terry Taylor. After that their little company dissolved... And on another note, while the game was in production, SO much more was planned to it (story- and gamewise), but it looks like them folks were rushed into finishing it. o8-/ Southpeak.

    What else?

  • "The NeverhoOd" ("Klaymen Klaymen") was released on Playstation, Japan only (Y1998).
  • The japanese company Riverhill made an own Neverhood game, "Klaymen Air Hockey" (Japan only) (Y1999)
  • There's lots of other Neverhood merchandise in Japan, but I can't stay updated with that.. I'm thankful for any info. (Y1999)

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