The NeverhoOd: Text of the Disks


This is the last, more multimedial part of the Neverhood Chronicles that Willie tells you.

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Me Willie.
Me Willie Trombone!
These disks tell a story. Story about good. Story about bad.
These disks are all that are left of the TRUE story...
True story of the closing of the third age.
Willie know that once you know this truth, then you know what to do.
Listen. I tell you.

It all start with Hoborg, him being who had to create, because... He had to. He make him world full of beauty, and wonder. This world, the Neverhood, a world where he could live forever and EVER more.

Hoborg thought this world would make him happy. But it make him... saaaaad. Walking around his big BEAUTIFUL new world make him feel aaaall alone. But then, Hoborg get him an idea. He said,

"I know. Iíll make a friend to enjoy this world with me."

Hoborg happy to have a new friend. He named him 'Klogg' and welcome him to the Neverhood.

"Everything you see here is yours to enjoy. You and I shall spend all our days here together. With you by my side, Iíll make more -"
"NO! - I mean, no, Klogg. This crown is the only thing that you cannot have. I am ruler of this world, the Neverhood, and a ruler needs his crown. Surely you can understand that. Now go, and explore your new home, while I go back to my Throne Room and plan some more people to make."

So, Hoborg go to make more friends, and Klogg start thinking BAAAD things...

Sitting in the Throne Room Hoborg start thinking about who he make next...

"Huh? What?? My... crown!"
"Hee hehehar! Now, Hoborg, we shall see who rules this world! You cannot rule without a crown!"
"Klogg! No!!"
"I declare myself, Klogg, ruler of the Neverhood!"
"What... have... I... done...?"

"Yeeeow! Sheeesh! M-my, this baby packs a wallop!...what's this? Hahaaa! Frozen solid, hmmmm? It seems this crown does more than give you reign over the Neverhood - it's also your secret to life. What a pity!"

Klogg right about that. Without his crown, Hoborg stuck in a biiiig helpless sleep. Uh, that Klogg scare me! Things look icky. But maybe HOPE... maybe...

A life seed!

Hoborg booboo with Klogg. Klogg go all stinky bad!
But Willie know what good. Yeees!

Uh, me hope Klogg no find out about this... Scaring...


If you watching this - you do GOOD! Willie happyyy!
Now you need THIS.
You go and do more good!
And look out for bad.
Willie know: Bad is always where you forget to look.


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