About Cats and Bots

In the year 15 Million (maybe), some mean, highly intelligent and darn similar looking alien cats decide to steal all Earth cats and then take over the whole planet. They seem to succeed, because they have some mighty powerful robots on their side, the Boombots.

But the american scientist Dr. Pick, with a little help from some other scientists all around the world, invents his own trigger-happy BoomBots and sends them out to save the planet and, oh yeah, bring back those Earth cats!

Here are your BoomBots:
Boomer Hans, T. R. Airplane Chickie B. Dog E. Dog
Pittsburgh Moby Tank le Chip Hara Hara Evil Boom

And then there's also...
Lady Wasp Klaymen O Canada Ed Hed Mandu

Well then... good luck.

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