BoomBots FanArt

BoomBots FanArt

Since BoomBots isn't really related to the other two NeverhoOd games, I made an own section for them botty guys.

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  • Heh, who says there can't be fanart before a game is released?
  • My first try on Hara Hara, who I played through the game with first!
  • FanChar PeaHed! This guy has "Doo" written all over him. o8-)
  • Le Chip sitting on Pittsburgh's massive shoulder.
  • Hara Hara, Boomer and Chickie Boom, ready to get brutal!
  • Evil The Klay's FanBoomBot whose name I don't know.

    If anyone remembers my "Search the Little Hoodians" game, I wanted to do the same thing for BoomBots, but never got to it. Did draw all the little portrait pics, though, and it'd be a waste to not put them up at all, eh..? So, here they are, complete with a couple alternate pics:

    Le Chip
    Lady Wasp
    Evil Boom
    Hara Hara
    Chickie B.
    Dog E.Dog
    Moby Tank
    Ed Head
    O Canada
    Evil Boom 2
    Hara Hara 2
    Chickie B. 2
    Airplane 2