NeverhoOd Scenes

NeverhoOd Scenes

Some of my nicer FanArt, since all the pics here have something like a background. NeverhoOd and SkullMonkeys scenes! Done in marker and/or colored pencil.

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The Neverhood:

  • Big Robot Bil, who helped saving the 'Hood!
  • A KlayMouse nibbling on its KlayCheese! Yummie!
  • Oh Kloooooogg! Theatrically pressing some button, like always!
  • Ottoborg creating one of his sons! Impressing, huh?
  • Oh noooo! That nasty green crab!!
  • That Hammerboy is INSANE, I tell you!
  • Hoborg creating one of his sons. Or mebbe he's planting a flower.
  • Nasty Klogg at his first action of life - stealing Hoborg's crown..!
  • Klaymen and Willie - cousins and bestest pals!
  • Klester and Klaymen, aren't they cool?
  • Sheep at home, under the Mush Room.. uh oh.
  • Oit! Klaymen, that looks kinda painful...
  • Willie and Klaymen relaxing in the 'Hood on a nice day.
  • Big Robot Bil and Willie! Bil is HUGE!
  • 'And THIS is a bear', says the Bear Retrieval Unit.
  • If you don't know this scene, you haven't read the Wall of Records.
  • Awww, Willie and his pet Frenchie!
  • Willie again, waving from a window!
  • That nifty Chronicle scene: Willie saves injured Hoborg's life.
  • Big Robot Bil and tiny loophead Willie.
  • Scene from the Chronicles: Hoborg at the start of his Big Journey.
  • Another Chronicle scene - Guess what part!
  • One of my first tablet pics - Klaymen following a lonely path.


  • A Ma-Bird! MAAA! (They usually don't have tails, though.)
  • The amaaaaazing Drivy Finn!
  • In the Evil Engine #9! Don't you just HATE those holo-platforms?
  • Klaymen, Willie and Drivy Runn in the wild Wild West.
  • I love using purple and yellow. Visit the SkullMonkey Shrines!
  • The Shriney Guard doesn't like random visitors.
  • The Skullmonkey Brand HotDog factory! Yummiest place on Idznak!
  • Heeere is SuperWillie! How I would have imagined him.
  • The Worm Graveyard! "He's dead, E.w.Jim.." (that was a bad one)
  • Klaymen in: Ynt Eggs!
  • Uh-oh, that worker Blue Ynt is gonna get into trouble.
  • Joe-Head-Joe.. banned to the sewer, rolling his eyes.
  • Klaymen, watch out! Robot Hover Monkey behind you!
  • Hot and sharp - place of the Living Dead and other Loose Things.