NeverhoOd Chars

NeverhoOd Chars

Not as spiffy as my NeverhoOd Scene pics, but still FanArt of the original NeverhoOd and SkullMonkeys chars.

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The Neverhood:

  • How Doo Draws Hoborg: Small GIF instruction, Kuper-requested.
  • How Doo Draws Klaymen: Another one requested by Kuper.
  • The Clockwork Beast! Not as hard to draw as I thought..!
  • A fancy dressed Klaymen! Cool hat, no?
  • Hoborg! Sitting! Colorless!
  • A small ink-portrait of Klato - a try to make it look TenNapel-style.
  • One of my older Klaymen portraits. Klaymen, say AAAAAH!!!
  • A couple of assorted Klaymen scribbles I drew.
  • Another older pic of Klay. Looks like.. he's thinking!
  • Just Klaymen sitting and looking up at something.
  • A slightly weird pic of Klaymen's thoughts.
  • A grey-only pic of Klogg - holding his fav object: Hoborg's crown!
  • A li'l, pencil-only portrait of Klogg.
  • Klaymen meditating... wow, he's GOOD!
  • A comic page I drew right after I got The Neverhood.
  • The second page of that comic (ballpointpen on lined paper, oy)
  • A few random scribbles of NeverhoOd people.
  • Ottoborg. Plain copied from the Wall of Records, and colored.
  • Klaymen and Willie patting sheep! Hopefully not too hard! o8-]
  • My motto is Save the Sheep!!! Well, not really..
  • A little 1-page-comic with Klaymen and one of those cute sheep!
  • It's Unit A, I think. I gave him a vest so that he won't get a cold.
  • Willie, prolly advertising for Weasel meat, yum!
  • Willie sitting around, preparing to eat a sammich!
  • Willie again! Seems like something gave him a headache, eeeh..
  • And Willie AGAIN! Colored rather sloppily on the computer.
  • A not-so-vicious Purple Weasel, heh!
  • Klaymen, Willie, Klogg! (Zepp requested this one)
  • Shady, shady Klaymen.
  • Klaymen in classic ponder-pose. Only he's kinda.. fat. Eh.
  • Runny Klaymen!
  • 3D Klaymen! Done with 3D Studio Max.
  • 3D Willie! Oy, it shows I only know how to do basic shapes.
  • 3D Willie again, but from another view.
  • And again, from yet another view.
  • 3D Willie sitting around. o(-)
  • Hoborg 3D! o8-D The basic shapes work on HIM.
  • Hoborg 3D, top view.
  • Hoborg 3D, Li'l Hoodian Cam view.
  • Hoborg 3D on a 3D-Max-planet.
  • Another old tablet-try, copied from that famous screenshot. new


  • Klaymen eating a KlayBall - Looks like he'll get a dessert. o8-)
  • Another colorless piccie of Klaymen, stretching out his hand.
  • A quick-pic of a cool Klaymen. Yo! Or he's shooting KlayBullets.
  • Klaymen in his Sno-outfit.
  • My old biopic for Clay Keeper.
  • My old biopic for Robot Hover Monkey.
  • Skullmonkey Gates b/w panel pic!