Small Animations

Small Animations

True, usually I'm way too lazy to do something as elaborate as animation, but from time to time I like to give it a go, as you can see.

Latest ones at the bottom.

Tons o'thanks go out to Chris D, who gave me some great books and advice on animation!

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Mousey! (GIF - 7,8 kB)
My first little animation try, a crouching KlayMouse..! Cute?

I'm walking.. (GIF - 28,3 kB)
My try on a walking circle. I have no idea how I missed out that the arms are moving wrong. o8-/ But. It's nice'n'colorful.

Xpressive, I guess. (GIF - 161 kB)
Athie said she'd like to see some of Doo's expressions.. well, here they are! WEREN'T you just waiting for something like that..?

Peter Puppy! (GIF - 55 kB)
Yeah! It's Peter Puppy, and he's skipping! Probably on the moon! You can't imagine how HARD it is to take care of all that gravity and exaggerated movements stuff.

Doo waves hi! (GIF - 56,6 kB)
Can you imagine? Making this one, colors included, only took me TWO HOURS! o8-} Oy..

Chewing sheep chew sheepishly.. chewy. (GIF - 53,7 kB)
This is just a real small animation, but I thought it's too cute! KlaySheep are loveable! Baaaaah!

Groovy sneeze? (GIF - 82,2 kB)
Big Robot Erin's char Kit saying 'Groovay!' Er, or he's sneezing.. or he's sneezing 'Groovay'... er. I think he's sneezing 'Groovay'. o8-) Ever tried to sneeze 'Groovay'?

Wrath of the Smiley! (GIF - 164 kB)
This is actually an older li'l animation I made for Fankid. He needed something that only has three frames, for a Duke Nukem map, heh..

There's one bad-mooded Moodstone, man. (GIF - 264 kB)
Fun-stupid screaming stone thingy. Got motivated to try a bit of animation again after seeing that most nifty page of Mike Dietz..!!

Newton spots a button... (GIF - 276 kB)
Newton, the Newton cat (he's sorta my fan character for Doug's comic 'gear') spots a button. Stupidly, I didn't finish this animation, so we'll probably never know what'd have happened if he pressed it.

Bouncy Flash Kattie! (SWF - 5,5 kB)
Another hopping char, this time a cat that looks a liiiittle like a blue Stimpy. I did it with Flash, at school, so you'll need the Shockwave plugin to view this.

EWJ Walking Circle (GIF - 40,2 kB)
Wow, completely forgot about this one. An Earthworm Jim walking circle that was supposed to be for a game Tails wanted to make, but I just NEVER found enough time or talent to make all the Front-Side-Back animations that'd have been needed for it. Bleh.

Weasel Walking Circle (SWF - 21,5 kB)
Okay, this one was supposed to be the main character for a small Flash game, but looks like I'm just not getting around to that. So just watch the Weasel walk.

In case you wonder how I did the GIF animations, here's how:

BASICALLY, you need a pencil, some semi-transparent paper (so you can see the previous two or so drawings underneath), and a hand. I used my left one.

You'll also need something to hold your papers together, since, when you scan the pics later (Oh. Yeah. You need a scanner, too), they really should be on the same place on the paper. I used two of those paper clips outta wire...

And after drawing... right. Scan your finished pics in and put them together with some GIF animation program. I used one called "GIF Construction Set", one of those freeware programs.