Who the heck is 'Justin'??

Justin's that red-haired, pixelated guy in the lower right corner there, you see? He's your typical, painfully average pixel-person who lives in a painfully average fantasy-RPG-like pixel-world full of painfully average fantasy-RPG-like things. Pixelated things, most likely.

Why pixels? Well. For a start, I love those nostalgic old-school RPG graphics. Their people can be so expressive with their hand-drawn little faces. Then, there's this really cool online comic, I'm sure you've heard of it: 8-Bit-Theater. Telling the TRUE story of the heros of Final Fantasy I. THEN. Lady Athena of Axetron, super-groovy and so ever patient World Wide Web pal and darn great artist and writer (Danielle Williams), she made a little sprite of one of her characters one day. And I wanted to do that, too. So that's where Justin came from. Besides, sprites are easy to animate.

What'll I do with him? I dunno. Random small animations, a couple of Flash movies (because I love Flash!) and whatever else people usually come up with while they're on the toilet or supposed to do something else.

So, yeah, let's go back to the MainPage.