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gear © Doug TenNapel
Page by DoodLeS

About gear:

gear is a comic by Doug TenNapel, published by FiremanPress
in 1998/1999. There's six issues and one graphic novel version
that contains all six and some extra pages.

The story: It's all about four cats hitchhiking a giant robot...
and also, it's all about a big war.

The Forbidden Mechanism merely was a legend. The one
who'd own it and put it into their Guardian would gain
ultimate power, and ever since the giant Guardians were
made, dogs, cats and insects fought bitterly.

One day, a group of research scientists find a small
mysterious gear, the word spreads, and the
war reaches its high spot, forming around
the little town Newton, where the
Mechanism is said to be now...

Book 1 (Cover by Ellis Goodson), Nov.1998 Book 2 (Cover by Ed Schofield), Dec.1998 Book 3 (Cover by Brian Belfield), Jan.1999 Book 4 (Cover by Mike Koelsch), Feb.1999 Book 5 (Cover by Brian Horton), Mar.1999 Book 6 (Cover by Chad Dezern), Apr.1999 Graphic Novel