EaRthwOrm JiM

Created by Doug TenNapel, © Shiny Entertainment, pics on this page by DoodLeS
Peter Puppy! Jim Aah!
Jim Ey!
Evil the Cat
Evil falling
Lawyer of Heck
Evil and the Sno'man
Big Bruty
Poking Bee
Major Mucus
Evil Peter Puppy
Princess What's-her-Name
Watch out - Xmas behind you!
Soft Landing new

Jim and the Baloon Animal
Curious Jim
Evil in Pencil
Sucked into the TV
Knocked Out Jim
Lala Jim
Don't wake the Dog
Two parts of Jim
Jim and Pete
Jim and the Suit
Peter in Pain
Just Peter
WHN in the Morning
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Earthworm Jim is a character created by Doug TenNapel

This site is no longer updated, but preserved for memory.
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